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  • What we do

    What is Social Commerce?

    It's a social world

    There is a big shift in our buying habits. We are making it happen, in fact, We are driving it.


    We Like and Share our opinions on products and services for all our friends and networks to see. Consumers are making decisions based on the referral or recommendation we make.

    Research shows:

    -Customers are Four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

    -90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 33% trust advertisements.


    You are missing out

    Every time we share or tell a friend abut a product we are missing out. Meaning, we never get the opportunity to monetize it. What if you could share and promote a global brand focused on health, fitness, nutrition, and anti-aging and be paid for doing it?

    Share with your friends something that most of them have an interest in or are passion about.

    We give you the personal website and the tools needed for your customers to order from. The company ships direct to your customers. This gives you the immediate opportunity to generate part time income by simply sharing what you are passionate about.

    Social Marketer

    You can be a brand promoter and continue to offer your friends and acquaintances savings on the brands they use.


    You can also build a team of like-minded friends of Social Marketers and develop an extensive referral business. As you develop this team you will have the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded with team bonuses, commission, and award trips.  Create your turning point!  Contact us to learn more.  info@yourstoryreimagined.com






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    David Box

    BOX Social Commerce

    They say that life was meant to be an adventure. But as we get older Time has a tendency to tame us. We begin to take fewer chances- we begin measuring the consequences of our choices to the point that we stop moving forward. Sometimes playing it so safe can make us miss out on Life. I know that it's not always easy to try something new, but if you never try ...you will never know.

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